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Regulatory requirements in the nutraceutical space are growing increasingly stringent. Grace’s 50-year tenure in the space has enabled our team to commercialize high-performance resins and excipients for preparative and process scale separation for Omega-3s. Grace resins and excipients improve purity and create better targeted and higher value formulations with enhanced bioavailability.

Discover how Grace is solving purification and formulation issues in Omega-3s

  • High quality separation capabilities: Highly defined pore structures: internal porosities that deliver outstanding adsorption, narrow particle size distribution and increased internal surface area for functionality
  • Customization: Grace offers the widest range of pore diameters, particle sizes, and chromatography phases and engineering capabilities that allow particle properties to be fine-tuned to meet your specific needs
  • Reliability and Speed to Market: Our batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility drive agility for our customers supporting faster commercialization
  • Compliance: Made according to Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guidelines, with EXCiPACT® certification. Most Grace silicas are also patented and listed on the FDA inactive ingredient database.


Our brands and features in Purification and Formulation include:


Grace DAVISIL® Chromatography silica products remove waxes, pigments, heavy metals, PAHs, PCBs, and pesticides.



DAVISIL® LC 150Å silica

Used in the pre-treatment of fish oil, removing soaps, phospholipids, and other impurities.

DAVISIL® LC 60Å silica

Effective in removal of pigments and degradation products that result in an undesirable color profile.

DAVISIL® LC 30Å silica

Used to eliminate pesticides, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, and heavy metals.

DAVISIL® Xtract Amino HP silica

Amino-bonded DAVISIL® silica facilitates the production of high potency EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids by:

  • Optimized carbon loading, which offers superior resin stability and lifetime
  • High surface area, low impurity content and high carbon load provide improved resolution factor and yield

DAVISIL® Xtract C18 silica

C18-bonded DAVISIL® silica facilitates the separation of EPA and DHA by:

  • Low pressure drop, high efficiency separations ideal for process scale chromatography separations
  • High surface area and carbon load result in improved resolution factor and yield



Grace SYLOID® solutions create stability, flow, or bioavailability.



SYLOID® XDP silica

Solid carrier that has been specifically designed for converting lipids including Omega-3 fatty acids into free-flowing powders. They are excellent adsorbents for Self-Emulsifying Nutraceutical Systems.

SYLOID® 244F silica Multifunctional excipient with uniquely designed mesoporous structure and large internal surface area used to provide moisture protection, preserve flavor, and improve flow.
SYLOID® G 156FP silica Specially designed micronized, dense silica to improve the flow of Omega-3 powders; this high density cost-effective glidant offers several manufacturing and cost-in-use benefits.


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